Beautiful Opal Ring

A ring is what makes up a personality, there are many forms of gems that suit the ring. But none of them is as beautiful and colourful as Opal. It not only has the properties of quartz, shining in the dark. It also has the property to change its colour with different angles. This precious stone can vary from transparent to dark black. It, however, looks magnificent in each combination.

Opal Engagement Ring

Price and Concentration

Opal varies in price with change in its concentration. The higher its concentration, the more priceless it becomes. It is also considered the most delicate of all gems, so there should be special care when wearing an Opal ring.

Historical Importance

It is mined for thousands of years. Various ancient cultures actually considered Opal having a religious significance. The property to glow and to change color was considered a sign of visiting the Iris gate. For over millennia, this ability to change colours has marvelled ancients.


There are two categories of Opal gems, one is the one that is considered ordinary. While the other is highlighted precious or noble opals. There is however a lot of variation is the gem and the most refined in a black background is the black opal. Whereas, White looks marvellous in red backgrounds. There are a lot of colour and design variations, all of these look astonishing and delicate on an opal ring.


Opal is normally mined in numerous areas. Each having its own properties, especially its fluorescence. For example, Opals from White cliff. Australia has a medium blue shade in its mined opals. Park, Wyoming it is in mined in different shades of white. In Queretaro, If you are looking for a bright blue glow visit Mexico. In Virgin Valley, Nevada it is found in shades of green. Opals from Quartzsite, Arizona have a yellow tinge in them.

Mining Locations

Various parts of the world have Opal deposits. It has been mined in various parts of the world, since ancient times. The key locations around the world to look for these mines are Honduras. There the earliest known mines are since 1843. The mines in Czech Republic are truly ancient. Romans mined the first opal rings there. In Ethiopia the mines were recently discovered in 1994. In the Virgin Valley, Nevada the mines were discovered in 1900. The Australia discovered them way before, in 1850s.


Opals have the nicest properties, it glows and it changes color. It looks quite beautiful in the hands of your loved one. But the problem is that it is very delicate, so it should not be used for daily use. It is fine if you use your opal ring on special occasions as it is itself very special indeed.

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Summer 2016 Fashion Trends : Office Wear for Men

Business casual is the norm for the 2016 summer office . Along with the usual blues,black and gray, men’s summer office wear will also welcome earth tones such as taupe, brown and khaki green. claims that men’s summer 2016 office wear includes mixing black and white. You don’t have to wear all white or khaki for the summer. It’s fashionable to wear a black shirt with a white pants. Black isn’t just for winter anymore.

The hottest trends for menswear in the office are:

  • Wide pants- The material used can be khaki,silk or cotton,in any color. Very wide ,baggy ,khaki dress pants worn with short dark blue form fitting blazer is the hottest trend. popular with twenty-something businessmen. You can find them at,
  • Casual blazers,-LL Bean .com is a surprising source for summer office fashion this year. Known for their outerwear,the casual jackets are just the ticket for the fashion savvy businessman. Any age group will like these. You can choose from the Signature blazer,tropic weight blazer or micro fiber blazer. They range from $89.00 to 189.00 with colors like navy,British khaki,taupe,and olive.
  • Vests that are lightweight and fun. They are good under a suit or alone with a brightly colored shirt. The twenty-something crowd loves this look. .The vest is buttoned all the way or only the top button is fastened Popular styles have small checks, think pin stripes or plain black cotton . Kenneth Cole at Macys.comand Prices range from $88.00 to $374.00
  • Vibrant silk ties. The tie is silk comes in many colors and subtle designs. The paisley is in this year. Modern Paisley Neckties by Chevalier can be bought at and carries lowered priced silk ties,as well.Priced at $20.00 to $49.00
  • Silk stockings—these are not just for women anymore. Light and comfortable,ribbed or not ,in black,gray or white. These lightweight soft knee hi length socks are elegant and practical. They can be found at and,

The 2016 summer will set some fashion trends in the office. Savvy businessman need not be dull or drab.


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Warm Cider & Silk Scarves: 2016 Fall Fashion/Beauty Tips for the Low Income Girl

Are you tired of that Argyle scarf and mitten set? Embarrassed of putting that uncontrollable hair in an itchy wool hat? Have you already cringed at the Back to School Announcements, double checking your watch in disbelief that it’s already august? Fear not Miss Cherie for your fashion prayers have been heard. Grab a cup of warm cider and relax that your wallet won’t run away from you. Here is a quick tour guide to Fall Fashion 2016. Now here’s the Theme…classic! It might have to do with the New Coco Chanel Bio-film coming out or from Michelle Obama’s Infinite channelling of Jackie Kennedy but the Designers have picked up the scent. So let’s break open our inner Marie-Antoinette and be prepared for this fall.

Jackie Jennedy
Jackie Jennedy

Clothes: Let’s talk get up ya’ll.

I hear a whispering in the wind and it is telling me “Post WWll France”, get the image? It’s simple, fresh and eloquent for work and play. Go for a chiffon ruffle blouse from none other than Miley Cyrus herself at Walmart only $12 (Ok I cringed too when I heard she had a fashion line, but I’ll be darn that if it wasn’t cute and affordable). Match this look with Button-up bow blouses, Short-sleeve Knit dresses and did I mention Plaid? There is no bigger sensation right now then plaid, from the West Coast to the East Coast. So go ahead and put your own take on it, either it’s a button-up shirt, tunic or dress. For your bottom half, go for simple pencil skirts, pleaded slacks and the casual, dark denim skinny jeans. The Best place for affordable adorable Clothes is at Urban-outfitters where their blooming with simple and classic attire.

Shoes: Girl where did you get those kicks?

Four words…Lace up Ankle Boots. They are the Hot Tamale of shoes and of course they go amazingly awesome with your vintage outfits. So we have two options, either you’ve been saving that pretty penny and decide to fork it over for Bottega Veneta Leather Nero Calf Ankle Boots for $890, or you’re like me and yell “THAT’S MY RENT MONEY!” We sign up for option B, Enzo Angiolini Lace-up Booties for $70 at Nordstrom. If you’re not digging the ankle boot style then just try Nordstrom for fashionably affordable shoes. Ladies don’t be afraid to match these fall shoes with season colored nylons, such as burnt yellow, Charcoal Grey or antique white (depending on outfit).

Accessories: The Never-ending story.

Oversized Bows
Oversized Bows

It all boils down to this, over sized Bows. Pinning the bows to your clothes, hair or tying it around your neck is great for jazzing up an outfit. Once you’v placed these decedent accessories anywhere you’re golden. Attack of the hair Accessories! Go for pixie barrettes, braided wraps, bow hair-bands and floral pins. Again a great place for this is Urban-outfitter. Looking for something local? Try Target’s Accessories section, I cannot stress this enough. Baby its cold outside. What I’ve come to found out is that the Simply Vera collection from Vera Wang located at Kohl’s is the best place to get scarf’s and hats. Search for brown faux leather driving gloves to give you a girl meets James Dean look. For your beaten Nails, treat them to OPI nail polish la Collection de France or The Matte Collection for a much needed pick-me up. For Earrings and Necklaces, channel your inner Jackie-O and stick with classic pearls. Eyewear, if you’re like me and is vision challenge then I got a special treat for you! I have literally been stopped in public numerous times for my glasses and every time I tell them “I got them from Fabulous Fanny’s”. This Little shop located in New York Specializes in Vintage Eyewear frames. For example the 1750’s SRO “Allure” Glasses for $75 would be the pièce de résistance in your Vintage Clothing Collection. Don’t worry about vision centers; they are usually friendly about putting lenses in.

Makeup: Vampires and Countesses?

I bet you a YSL shiny lip plumper that every time you turn the channel you’ve seen something with a vampire on it. The World is swimming in the undead and of course so is the fashion world. Starlets are dying their hair dark and powering their skins. The Times of self Tanners and Baking under the sun had stop to a screeching halt…for now. Instead of opting for the Lindsey Lohan look, try your actual skin color foundation.

  • Prep your skin by washing it with facial soap and cleansing it with a skin Toner.
  • Apply Photo Finish From Smashbox $36. This smooth blend of vitamins and antioxidants soften and perfects skin, for a flawless finish.
  • Apply your preferred liquid Foundation with a cosmetic sponge, going inward to outward. Example: From your cheek to your ear.
  • Apply rouge to your cheeks, blending on the apple of your cheeks upwards towards your temples, lightly.
  • My little secret I picked up doing make-up for theatre is mix light powered foundation with a little bit of baby powdered. With a powder brush, apply lightly all over your face. The powder sets the liquid foundation for an all day wear. It also absorbs the oil, giving you a semi-matted powdered look. Hello Robert Pattinson!

For your eyes you can go for the dramatic smoky look, or the simple black liquid eyeliner, mascara approach. Get a hold of Smash Box fall collection Palettes $42 at Sephora.

Lips go with glossy nude appearance. If you want a little more of a color then try some Stainiac lip stain $15 at Sephora. Remember Ladies you pay for what you get in Makeup!

Hair: How did you do your…DO?

What goes excellent with the Classic look? Classic hairstyles duh! Here’s what we got, bangs of course are back, or did they even leave? Anyways pin straight hair with bangs and an attached hair accessory is sensuous. You also can try the wavy pined up hair. These are the styles marching down the fashion walkways. Want the bang look but don’t want to comment to the old chopping block, then this is the right article for you. The Wondrous Faux Hair duo is at it again. Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are back to their synthetic ways, coming out with a line of Clip in Bangs, $30 at Ulta stores. Holy Glory Roll, Let’s party like its 1940’s? Pining up your hair might seem horrific and tedious but in reality its better then letting your scraggly dreads become a monster in Fall Winds and winter wetness. My suggestion is to purchase How to Create 1940s Hairstyles — Instructions and Illustrations for 17 Swing Era Styles by George Russell $13 at Amazon. Don’t want a book, head to for how-to-videos. Just simply search 1940’s pin-up hair tutorials, go ahead try it out. For the Freaky Fly always try Weather Works™ Weather-Proofing™ Style Sealant Crème from John Frieda. This product is great for keeping your follicles under control but not strong enough to leave thin hair feeling oily or gunky. Just apply before or after blow drying (I prefer before). It is the perfect light weight solution for your inner hair demons. With that in mind, never be too safe and always wrap a silk scarf over your hair in destructive weather. It only seems right if you spent all that time making yourself look like Royalty. How was that warm cider? Did your wallet come waddling back with its tail between its legs? With a Few reasonably priced 2016 Fall Beauty Examples, let’s Get up and feel the Fashion Noise. Remember stay warm is your Classic Button-up Pea coat.

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Fashion Don’ts for the Workplace

Office Fashion
Office Fashion

Here is some advice to all of you women out there that are living in another decade. I may be one of you, but I am fighting it, and you should too. Here is some advice to help you stand out (or not so much) in the workplace.

  1. Follow the dress code. You should consider your workplace dress code and follow it. You may not feel like it or notice it, but you can bet that every one of your coworkers notices when you don’t wear hose in a law office or are showing an inch too much leg. If your workplace is conservative, you need to be too.
  2. Likewise, if you work in a fun environment by all means have fun. But, if you want to get ahead in that environment you should also look professional. Think about how your look will translate to your customers or clients. Tacky is not fun or cute. Don’t take it too far.
  3. Don’t be a dud. I see women wearing giant sneakers with their suits to walk to work. I see people in sweat suits working out. There are more fashionable items for every environment. If you walk a long distance to your office, wear some black Sketchers or ballet flats. Ditch the sweat suits for yoga pants and a t-shirt. Don’t weigh yourself down with twenty bags either. Downsize!
  4. Get a new look. Fake nails, permed hair, fake orange tan? What do these items have in common? They mean you are trying to hard to be something you are not! Don’t be high maintenance. Enhance what you have going for you. It should come naturally and not be forced. Besides, guys don’t notice how hard you are trying anyway. They think you look just as good without it.
  5. Don’t get stuck in the past. While you don’t want to spend the rest of your life dressing like your teenage daughter (because that is a major fashion don’t), try on the new shapes and styles that come out every year. You might find some new things that really flatter you, and that is always good. Just don’t try too hard.

So my fashion advice today is to stop trying so hard, and go with the flow. That means dress code plus a few things that make you who you are, as long as they are not what makes a slob or a diva who she is. Got it?

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The Inexplicable Mystery Into Fashion Revealed


The designers have to remain updated with cultural and societal attitudes that are variable. Aware of the expanding environmental concerns of people around the planet, fashion designers have begun using eco-friendly fabrics to produce a new selection of apparels. They follow blending concepts in terms of designs and patterns using a great combination of silk or cotton threads.

Many people think that fashion is something which is pressing and pressurising. Fashion was designed to become unfashionable. It is not an obligation, it is a personal choice. It is supposed to make you confident, give you a sense of pride and make you feel worthy. There are several kinds of fashion designing courses readily available, so you may carefully pick the perfect one in accordance with your personal requirement. Another reason isn’t being in a position to wear the newest fashion and appear good. Since that time, the conventional fashion when it comes to men’s apparel included white shorts and pants.

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Fashion

Learning about the fashion sector is something which will offer you an advantage over others because it will present our dedicated you are. The demand for any sort of style products is always consistent and in reality, an increasing factor. The military style fashion trend is one which will be here to stay for a lengthy time on account of the durability of the majority of the clothing. It’s a classic trend that’s been in fashion for several years.

The most trustworthy and superior fashion design college has an exceptional array of fashion designing courses. Westwood’s career in fashion is still rising. It also gives training, support and inspiration for everyone involved in the style industry.

With countless on-line clothing stores to purchase from, shopping for the best fashion wear is a youngster’s play nowadays. The internet stores specializing in females winter season clothing are the very best regions to find this bit of clothing. Free People is an internet clothing store that attracts an individual who is free-spirited inside her style. It is among the internet shopping stores on earth who provides a variety of Indian wedding dresses for bride also the matching accessories. Searching for trendy winter wear is a pricey affair for almost all of the women. It’s the world’s very first on-line fashion mall for plus sizes with a whole lot of selection and advantages.

It’s possible to wear whatever clothing you would like as long as you’re comfortable by it. Branded clothing may be a costly affair. however, it is well worth it as the clothes are somewhat more comforting and durable. Grecian clothing may also be put to use as a blanket or for bedding. You can even locate your clothing for sale on eBay, in addition to the specialty stores you’ll find on her clothing site. Thus, you may search for the men’s fashion clothing at various stores and also online search in now turning into a practice since there are several sites that gives trendy, designer and fashionable men’s wear. It’s not a new women’s apparel.

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