Katana: The Warriors Sword

“Katana” is a popular traditional Japanese sword, which was used by the samurai’s with the combination of martial arts in ancient time wars in japan. Katana is nothing but a edged blade with a circular guard and with a fine grip to accommodate two hands. The length of the ancient katana sword was not greater than 60 cm, but in the 16th century, the length was extended upto 75 cm, now a days the overall length is depends as per the need or guidelines, and the modern Katana is made-up from a specialized Japanese steel called “tamahagane”, but outside from Japan, this sword often made by steel-alloy too. If the sword ever mishandled in its storage, the katana blades may become damaged soon.

Katana sword was first used in the year 1184, in Japan. After that it becomes popular and used by so many dynasties in the world like Mangol’s , to win the wars. Katana sword is easy to handle and sharp to cut. Katana was used with a pair special uniform named “daisho”, at ancient time only the samurai’s had the power to wear the “Daisho” and to use the Katana Sword. Between the year 1945 to 1954, the material’s of katana and the art of samurai banned in Japan, and many of the katana swords were destroyed. But in the year 1955, they have been allowed to work again. Some of the historians have said that “katana” were among the dangerous and finest cutting weapons in world military history ever.

Due to wide popularity of katana swords, it also comes in the form of toys for kids, and it available at so many stores in japan and china too, and it also available on online platform like amazon, ebay etc. and the cost of the swords may vary with company and according to the size, type of blade, and other features . There are also so many sword based games on the internet which becomes popular and in trend in these days.

You can also make “katana sword” at home with paper/steel/wood, but just for the decoration purposes and for fun. You just need to follow some easy steps to make it at home-

  • First you need to buy a piece of steel of 5 cm. wide and app.3 feet long.
  • Heat that piece at 800’ c in an open furnance for 30 minutes to remove all the impurities of metal.
  • Pull the material out form the hearth when it becomes yellow in color.
  • Then cut the piece as per your style, and make a stylish sharp shape.
  • Now use the files to make blade final in shape and to make it more sharper in edges.
  • After making the satisfied shape you can also add textures on it.
  • After that temper it again, so the blades can look shiny and becomes sharper.
  • Now your home-made Katana is ready to use and ready to décor.
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